#BellaVita 2012 Year in Review

Emanuela (Emme) Porter, Bella Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC for Cherry Blossoms

Emme Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. at Sneaker Ball 2012 Washington, DC

As the year comes to a close I write to you from Grandma and Grandpa Porter’s house in Sanford, NC. Emme and I are working, staffing as usual, facing each other at the dining room table, Bella is taking a nap, Grandpa’s on his Mac and we are soaking in the family support after bouncing back and forth from Europe three times in the past month in a half.

Bella is doing great and is now 2 ½. She attends two pre-schools, we still take her everywhere and she is Bella Porter at Cherry Blossoms 2012 Tidal Basin with Washington Monument, DCdeveloping into a wonderful young girl. Bella Porter 2012 school photoShe just performed in a Christmas recital and Mimi (Mary), Nonno (Cesare), Emme, and I all came to cheer her on. She loves to perform and I can’t wait to see where her natural talents will take her. We will have her on skates and in lessons with
Dushka (Sergey) in 2013!

Emanuela (Emme) Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. at Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

This is the year that took us from both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions, Amsterdam, Romania, Croatia, & the beautiful cobble stone streets of Prague.  Our company EmmeGirls has continued to grow and we are staffing and producing events worldwide almost every week of the year. We have parlayed our success into “DC Party Rentals“, an event equipment rentals company and a number of loyal clients who rely on us to manage their monthly social media advertising budget. I recently trademarked “GlobalBoost” and now build private social networks, apps, and targeted multi-platform advertising campaigns.

Emme Porter, Coach of the Washington Capitals Red Rockers cheerleaders

Emme is busy as the CEO of EmmeGirls modeling agency and again the  Coach of the Washington Capitals Red Rockers. Despite the NHL lockout this year, the Red Rockers are still making appearances and performing at private functions, minor league games, and charity events. This is Emme’s 5th year with the squad and we are blessed to be apart of the Capitals Family again this year.

Emme Porter, host of the Southern Maryland Blue CrabsThis past Summer Emme was the in-game host of the Emme Porter shooting a commercial for an EmmeGirls clienthost of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, a minor league baseball team in the area. This was a wonderful and fulfilling experience for her as she begins to develop her hosting career. The fans loved her and she became a regular fixture at the weekend games, as did Bella and I. When Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit, Emme arranged to do a “Salute to the Troops” featuring Grandpa Porter and his military service in Vietnam. She also booked a spokes models gig in Boston staffing for HostingCon 2012 and we all made the trip north, staying with Aunt Annette and family. Bella enjoyed playing with cousin Cameron and the tour of the Swan Boats in Boston Common.

Emme (Emmanuela) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr at beginning of short dance during Golden Spin of Zagreb, Croatia (Project Points, Bella Vita TV, results)Emme (Emanuela) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr ice dancing at ISU Golden Spin in Zagreb Croatia (Project Points, Bella Vita TVThis year we have learned how to use our time more effectively as we continued to build our businesses and train everyday. As our skating dreams have become reality, we have started working more closely with my former teammate and Olympic ice dancer Igor Lukanin in Montclair, NJ. This has been special because we have been able to spend time with some of Emme’s family as they graciously open their home to us. Her grandmother’s sister Carol and daughter Susan have a house in Haworth, NJ close to the rink. Carol’s step granddaughter Ali watches Bella as we skate in the
morning and then we all work together side-by-side through the afternoon and evening.

Emanuela Porter (Emme), Bruce Porter, Jr. in kiss and cry after free dance at Crystal Skate of Romania

Emme and I skated at our first international competition this year at Crystal Skate in Transylvania,
Romania…On Halloween! We appropriately dubbed the competition #ProjectTransylvania and it was a fun and wonderful event and the best way possible to start our competitive season. We took our friend and ice dance coach, Gary Irving with us to the event that was staged at a ski resort and Olympic training facility. While in Transylvania for Halloween, we made sure to visit Count Dracula’s Castle in the town of Rasnov.

Emme Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. in Zagreb, Croatia at Golden Spin kiss and cry

Emme Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. in Zagreb, Croatia at Golden Spin kiss and cry

Emanuela (Emme) Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. at beginning of free dance at ISU Golden Spin competition in Zagreb CroatiaWe have also skated at the Pavel Roman Ice Dance Championship in Czech #ProjectPrague and Golden Spin of Zagreb, Croatia #ProjectPoints where we earned our marks in the long program to qualify for the European Championships. We leave, with Bella, to go to Italy for three weeks Emme (Emmanuela) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr perform spin during free dance at Golden Spin of Zagreb, Croatia (Project Points, Bella Vita TV)on New Years Eve and we are excited to see Nonno (Cesare) and Nonna Ada (Emme’s grandmother) in their hometown of Treviso. Bella will visit her Italian Emme (Emanuela) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr do rotational lift at Golden Spin of Zagreb Project Points Bella Vita TVfamily as we go to competitions in Bratislava, Slovakia and Lyon, France with the goal of competing in the European Championships held from January 21 through January 27, 2013 in the Dom Sportova in Zagreb, Croatia.
In 2013 we wish everyone much health, wealth, and happiness. Dalai Lama said, “Once a year go someplace you have never been before.” …we seem to be taking care of that! In the words of my father, “If you can, than you must…” and we will! To you we say, “Bella Vita!”
Bruce, Emme and Bella


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