Day 8

We were back in NYC today training with Olympian Igor Lukanin.  I continue to be impressed with the amount of energy and balance that we feel we have added since taking the Isagenix products.  We looked at each other after our run through of the short program and said, “This Isagenix is amazing!”  

Day three

Today we again started our morning off with the Isagenix vitamins and shake and had a great morning practice.  Again, everything seems brighter, I feel like I’m standing taller, my balance is better, and my mood is much improved.  At the end of the first practice Emme and I looked at eachother and said “This…

Bella Vita TV promo – Emme Porter, Bella Porter, Bruce Porter, Jr. EmmeGirls

Bella Vita is the television ready reality tv show production of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing and the life of Emme Porter, Bella Porter and Bruce Porter, Jr. Join us as we raise our beautiful daughter Bella, travel the world competing at international ice dancing championships all across Europe and staff and produce in-game entertainment at sporting events, runway fashion shows, trade show models, promotional models and CEO level spokesmodels from DC to Vegas.

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