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Emanuela “Emme” Porter, Bruce Porter Jr 2nd Intl ice dance competition at Pavel Roman Olomouc #ProjectPrague #BellaVita

Just picked up the yellow submarine car we used for our trip in Czech Republic #ProjectPrague #BellaVita

Emanuela (Emme Porter, Bruce Porter Jr staffing models in Boston at the infamous Harvard Yale game while competing ice dance at Pavel Roman in Olomouc, Czech Republic #ProjectPrague #BellaVitaIt was just two weeks ago we were in Romania and now we’re headed back to Europe for our second international competition in Czech Republic…We need to start doubling these competitions up, I thought to myself as I loaded our luggage.  We’ve been training since we returned from Romania but we are also working full time staffing and producing events worldwide, managing social media advertising, and building social networks.  This trip was especially challenging as we were staffing two challenging events in Boston and models in Las Vegas.  Best keep a clear head while dealing with three different time zones, 20+ staff, clients, jet lag, and twizzles. ;)

Gary Irving, Emanuela Porter, Bruce Porter Jr in the beautiful Old City Prague after competing in Olomouc at Pave Roman #ProjectPrague #BellaVita

From our coaching staff we again took Gary Irving with us on the trip.  We arrived in Prague a day early to get the lay of the land and try to acclimate ourselves to the European time zone.  We rented a small car we dubbed “Yellow Submarine” and stayed at the quaint Hotel u Kočků right around the corner from Old Town Square.  We toured beautiful Prague and fell in love with it’s cobble stone streets, people, and charm.  The next morning we went to sight see a bit more including going to the top of the Church of Saint Nicholas in the heart of the Old City before picking up Gary from the airport.

Beleive it or not Bruce fit all the bags and was able to pick up ice dance coach Gary Irving before going to Olomouc for Pavel Roman #ProjectPrague #BellaVita

With Gary Irving in tow we headed out of Prague for what we thought was a three hour trip to Olomouc for the Pavel Roman Ice Dance Championship.  With me at the helm we made good time until we ran into hours and hours of traffic on the final 7o miles or so into Olomouc.  We navigated best we could past the traffic by taking back roads but still missed the official draw for the competition and were taken off the competitors list… Times like this it pays to have an Australian on your coaching staff as Gary Irving spoke to the officials.  With his “Good day mate” and “no worries” attitude Gary came out with a smile and informed us the officials had graciously allowed us to compete.  ”It’s ok, but you skate first” the official told us, so we checked in to the Floral Hotel and hooked up the computers and started working.

Practice was at 6am the next morning  so we worked until about 2am and went to sleep throwing away any hope of getting on European time and just banked on a long nap after practice.  Practice went well and after breakfast we headed off to bed as we competed at 6pm.  After the short dance competition was over we were again up until late staffing models in Boston and Las Vegas and had another hellish 6am practice.  We competed free dance at 12noon and despite a few problems we got through the performance with higher marks than we received at the last competition.

Next up for Bella Vita TV is Zagreb, Croatia for Golden Spin 2012 #ProjectPoint.

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Bella Porter is the the lovely child of Emme and Bruce Porter, Jr.  She was born on March 10, 2010 and has been a wonderful addition to the family.  The Porter’s take her everywhere and she is loved by all.