Emanuela “Emme” Porter and Bruce Porter Jr first intl ice dancing competition Crystal Skate of Romania #ProjectTransylvania #BellaVita

Flying to our first competition Crystal Skate of Romania. We'll be in Transylvania for Halloween #ProjectTransylvaniaAfter landing and a brief scare that our coach Gary Irving had been kidnapped Emme and I spent our first evening in Brasov with new friends including the

Emanuela (Emme) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr warming up before official practice at beautiful Patinoarul Olimpic Brasov #ProjectTransylvania #BellaVita

Romanian Federation President and former Olympians.  We were on the ground in Europe fulfilling our dream of competing ice dance internationally together. Our first international assignment came in the form of Crystal Skate of Romania staged at the Patinoarul Olimpic Brasov facility.  Emanuela (Emme) Porter, Bruce Porter Jr at Patinoarul Olimpic Brasov after competing short dance at Crystal Skate of Romania #ProjectTransylvania #BellaVitaWe were hosted along with the other competitors and coaches at the exquisite Hotel Aurelius with fantastic food, sauna, pools, and restaurants.

Emme, a long time pro cheerleader and coach of the NHL Washington Capitals Red Rockers is hoping her experience will help her through her first performance on the international stage.  As we laced up our skates and headed into practice we couldn’t help but be nervous.  As the music began to play for the short dance we had a defining moment as we achieved our goal.

The hospitality that was extended to Gary Irving, Emanuela (Emme), and I was incredible and this is a highly recommended and growing figure skating competition in Europe with over 200 competitors in 2012.

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